Markdown notes for Mac.

From simple notes and todo lists, to articles and journals, to wikis and second brain — no accounts, no subscription, no vendor lock-in.

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Efficient editor.

A clean and familiar writing experience combined with editing tools that are invisible when you don't need them and powerful when you do.

Quick dialogs.

Speed up common things like opening files, searching, or calling commands — Nota quick dialogs use fuzzy matching to show you better results in fewer keystrokes.


Wiki links.

Nota supports the popular [[ wiki ]] syntax for linking notes and makes it easy to build personal wikis, team knowledge bases, or something like a Second Brain or a Zettelkasten.

Complete data ownership.

Your notes are regular Markdown files that you can keep in Dropbox, manage in Finder, and open in any app that works with plain-text files — desktop or mobile, now or 50 years from now.

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With simple scripts, you can vastly extend Nota to fit your needs. Use scripts written by other users or write your own in a variety of scripting languages.

Want to try it?

We have a beta version for macOS that we'd like to share with more people — request an invite to get on the waitlist.

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By erusev erusev and astoilkov astoilkov — follow nota_md nota_md for updates.