Simple, yet powerful writing app designed for Markdown files.

Nota combines the looks and ease of use of a notes app with the power and openness of a code editor. It's most impressive with big things like product docs or wikis, but it also works for smaller things like notes or lists. No accounts, no tracking, no vendor lock-in. Coming soon to macOS.

An example workspace. You can see files and folders on the left - in the file manager, and the editor on the right showing a blog post from

Powerful editor|.

The editor is the main part of Nota and we've put a ton of work into it. It's a plain-text editor designed from the ground up with Markdown in mind.

Powerful search.

Nota features quick dialogs (similar to Spotlight) that help you move between files, headings and command as you wish. Simply hit a shortcut to open the right dialog, and blast off to whichever destination you desire.


Powerful all around.

Nota has all the features you'd expect from a writing app. Whether you come from a notes app or a code editor, Nota should feel familiar and productive.

No vendor lock-in.

The documents that you create in Nota are regular Markdown files that you can keep in Dropbox, manage in Finder, search with Spotlight and open with any app that works with plain-text files — desktop or mobile, now or 50 years from now. We can't lose them or limit your access to them because they are not on our computers, they are on yours, and that's how it should be.

screenshot of nota screenshot of finder

We're also working on...

Here are some of the major feature on our roadmap. Some of these are already available as "experimental features" — press e to see the available experimental features and enable the ones you're interested in.

Want to try it?

We are sending an early version of Nota to people who want to try it. To get on the list, fill out this short form.