Pro writing app designed for local Markdown files.

Nota is a beautiful and easy to use writing app that's also powerful and efficient. Its simple design enables a wide range of uses: from notes and wikis, to static blogs and websites, to articles and books. It works with local Markdown files to keep your data completely in your control.

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A screenshot of Nota on macOS.

Powerful Editor

The editor in Nota combines the familiar editing experience of a notes app with powerful productivity features like multiple selections and expandable selections that professional code editors have had for years.

Quick Dialogs

The quick dialogs in Nota make it much faster to do common things like opening files, searching, or calling commands. They use state of the art fuzzy algorithms to show relevant as you type.

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Wiki Links

Along with standard Markdown links, Nota support the shorter [[wiki link]] syntax which is useful when you want to connect one note to another, create a wiki (or a knowledge base), or implement a method like Zettelkasten.

Great Performance

We care a lot about performance, and we work hard to make sure Nota doesn't waste resources or make you wait, regardless of your workflow or the size of your files or workspaces.

Complete Data Ownership

The docs you create in Nota are regular Markdown files that you can keep in Dropbox, manage in Finder, and use with any app that works with plain-text files — desktop or mobile, now or 50 years from now. We can't lose them or limit your access to them because we don't control them. You do.

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Git Integration

If you use git to version control your content, Nota will show git status markers in the file manager and diff markers in the editor.

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We believe that people should be able to extend Nota as they wish. It shouldn't be hard to do things like custom auto-completes, highlighters, commands that modify selected text, commands that modify pasted text, context commands in file manager, etc.