About Us

We are Emanuil Rusev and Antonio Stoilkov. We've been working on Nota since 2018. Before that we created Caret (the predecessor of Nota), and before that, Emanuil created the Markdown parser, Parsedown, and Antonio created the JS framework JSBlocks.

nota team on 2020-05-15
This is us on the balcony of our office where we work most of the time.

Here are some random facts about us that might be interesting:

  1. we wrote the first piece of code for Nota on 5 June 2015
  2. we've been working on Nota full time since then
  3. in the 6 years since, we've done 150+ releases — about 2 / month
  4. at one point, we created a WYSIWYG editor, but we never released it
  5. at one point, we rewrote the whole codebase of the app from JS to TS
  6. at one point, we built a custom element inspector to speed up our workflow
  7. our favorite book is Thinking Fast and Slow
  8. we implemented 8 UX variants for the editor tabs before we found a UX that felt right
  9. we have 500+ documents describing potential features for Nota
  10. both of us have personal knowledge bases with 2000+ notes in each