We've been interested in writing apps for a long time. We've seen firsthand how powerful they can be, but we've also seen some of their limitations. Nota is our attempt at making a better writing app. Here's what we think Nota should be.

Nota should be able to handle a lot of content. It should be able to handle thousands of documents in hundreds of folders with ease. People who work on big and ambitious projects should not feel limited by the app.

Nota should be able to handle a lot of use. It should feel fast and efficient and its interface should be designed with the long term use in mind. Buttons and animations can look pretty at first, but they get old after a while.

Nota should be reliable. It should feel almost like a good physical product. Like an Italian typewriter at your grandparents house that looks gorgeous and still works. Finding a bug should almost never happen.

Nota should be simple. The interface should use a small number of building blocks that use a small number of design primitives (colors, fonts, font sizes, spacing, etc.). People should be able to get productive with it w/o reading the manual and learn about its advanced features as they go along.

Nota should be versatile. It should do the basics well and let people decide how to use it. It shouldn't push people to any particular use case. People should be able to use it for simple things like writing emails and making lists to more sophisticated things like decision trees and things like Zettelkasten.

Nota should be extensible 🧩. This one is difficult to get right but we feel it's important. People should be able to extend Nota as they wish. We see a lot of good feature ideas that improve specific use cases. We feel that a lot of these belong in extensions.