Use Cases

Nota is designed to be versatile. Similar to a notebook, you can use it for a large variety of things. Here are some of the common use cases that we have found.

Notes and Lists 📔

Use Nota the same way you'd use Apple Notes or Evernote. Take notes, capture ideas, keep track of things. Store your Nota workspace in a folder like Dropbox and open your notes from any mobile app that works with markdown files.


Knowledge Bases 🗄

Use Nota to make the information in your life easier to work with. File manager and quick move help you organize your notes, path auto-complete and path auto-fix helps you link them, backlinks help you browse them in a more natural way, search and goto dialogs help you find any one of them in a few keystrokes.


Tasks 📋

Use Nota to manage tasks and projects.



Journals 📆

Use Nota to reflect on your day, track your progress in different areas of your life, build habits. Since Nota documents are plain-text, you'll be able to browse your journals decades from now, regardless of whether we're still around.


Static Site Content 🌐

Open your static sites in Nota just as you would in VSCode or Sublime. Front matter support, rich typography and inline previews.


Books 📖

Nota is designed to handle long-form content with ease. Use goto heading to navigate the current file or the powerful search or goto file to quickly navigate across your entire book.